Investor Relations

NHST Holding AS is an unlisted company, but transactions made through stockbrokers are quoted at the NOTC list ( The market value of the shares is published on the NOTC list. The share is freely negotiable, but share transfers are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. Turnover in the stock is limited.

The company’s 10 largest shareholders are listed in Note 16 to the annual accounts. As of December 31st 2021, the number of issued shares was 1 600 425. Holding of own shares amounts to 44 752 shares and net outstanding shares thus amount to 1 555 673.

The company’s account operator is DNB ASA, Company Service, Dronning Eufemias gate 30, N-0191 Oslo. The company’s VPS number is ISIN NO 0005007807. 

NHST Holding publishes its quarterly financial statements, both through the OTC’s announcement  system and on the company’s website,

Financial Calendar

  • April 21: 1st quarter 2023 and annual result 2022
  • July 7: 2nd quarter 2023
  • October 20: 3rd quarter 2023
  • TBD: 4th quarter 2023