New: Hydrogen Insight

The new publication will strengthen the energy portfolio

Publication date

Hydrogen Insight was launched in autumn 2022 as a spin-off from energy transition publication Recharge

The mission is to deliver engaging and independent business journalism and insight to executives and leaders in the global hydrogen industry.

The publication focus on delivering news and analysis that matters, fearlessly looking beyond the hydrogen hype to provide a balanced view of the market, giving readers the knowledge they need to make critical business decisions.

Recharge has been covering and writing about the global renewables industry since 2009 — and the hydrogen sector since 2017.

Hydrogen Insight will continue the mission of providing readers with the deepest knowledge and understanding of what is a highly complex and evolving market.

We will continue to expose the greenwashing, exaggerations and unfounded claims in the industry, separating fact from fiction, to ensure that Hydrogen Insight is a publication that readers can trust and respect.